Best PSU for Quad core machine

Hi there..

I hope someone out there can help me with a PSU question..
Ive recently bought a Medion M8833 system with intel Q6600 quad core
and MSI MS-7502 mainboard..the board has 3 gig on board memory,
nvidia geforce 8600 GT graphic and DVD burner.

while a lot of the componants seem ok, my last computer PSU blew up
taking my main board with it and i dont want to repeat the experience
so im looking to remove the standard 400w PSU and put in a good quality PSU into my new rig.

heres a link to a PDF to the MSI mainboard manual

I will be using this computer mainly for photoshop and video editing
and the system will have three internal hard drives maybe four..
im not going to be gaming with it though.

ive looked around and various models have been suggested such as:

Antec Trio Power 650 w
Coolmaster realpower pro 650
Corsair HX-620 w
seasonic 600 w
Thermaltake tough power 650w
OCZ gamer x stream 700 w

I would like to know which of the above or any other PSU you guys might
suggest is best suited for my needs and why..

thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. all of those are overkill

    A Corsair 450vx, 550vx, or 520hx would be plenty

    you can find some good deals on them on from time to time
  2. Corsair 450VX will run that system almost 2 times over, go for it!
  3. altec1000 said:
    Hi there..

    nvidia geforce 8600 GT graphic and DVD burner.

    I refer you to:
    GPU= 40W so even your CPU will draw more at around 70W!!

    You should check out:
    for a good guide to PSU quality.

    As has already been stated a Corsair 450VX will power your system for many years (with its solid state 105C rated capacitors). Its probably the best buy unless you need modular cabling.

  4. I have to agree on the Zalman 750W, the 850W and larger are a significant jump from the 750W but all things considered I'd rather have too much power than not enough. I actually own a 750W.
  5. Thanks for your all your suggestions!..

    i have imputted my system information into the power supply calculators as
    suggested and am getting results of around 460w moving up to 520w if i add an age/wattage loss factor of im thinking around 500w is the
    way to go..which do people think is the better options for my system between:

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS500 500W
    Corsair 550vx or
    Corsair 520hx

    which have been recommened above
    are any other PSUs around 500w worth considering before i make
    my final desicion
    thanks in advance
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