New build wont power with bfg 8800 gt oc

Heres the situation. I put together a new pc and still have yet to successfully power on all the way. Heres the specs.

evga 750i mobo
intel q6600
bfg 8800 gt oc
ocz 1010 w power supply (72w over 4 12v rails)
4gb ocz 1066 ram
2x lite-on multi-drives
500gb wd sata hard drive

Heres what ive tried.
reseating everything
switching psus
running outside case on foam surface
running barebones (cpu, minimum ram, gpu)
reinstalling heatsink and reapplying thermal paste

The only way i can get anything to run is with gpu not installed. Everything else runs fine without. With gpu installed without 6pin power everything runs but i get expected beeps. With everything installed board lights flash and fans spin up but promply cut off within 2 seconds. Sounds like a bad graphics card but i have yet to hear back from bfg as they dont pick up phones or email back it would seem. Any input or other ideas would be much appreciated
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  1. Do you have an old pc to test the graphics card on? Defective graphics card is extremely rare. It could also be defective motherboard or powersupply.
  2. PSUs with multiple 12V rails have fallen out of favor and can cause issues with newer video cards. You want a PSU with a single beefy 12v fail.

    Could also be the motherboards, nVidia's Intel chipsets are craptacular.

    Edited for clarity.
  3. doesnt matter that powersupply is sli certified? PSU tested fine.....
  4. It might be ok then.

    So might be motherboard. Would not surprise me.

    Did you plug in the AUX 4/8 pin connector to the motherboard?
  5. Yup like i said the wierdest part is without the card in everything runs like a charm...i dont just this moment have another card handy to swap but will in the morning...would plugging just the power cable into the card with it not connected to the board hurt it to test?
  6. Hmm?

    ocz 1010 w power supply (72w over 4 12v rails)

    Maybe Green Piece sabotaged your rig <eyes narrow>
  7. Lol...nah i know its either the board or gpu and im leanin toward the gpu but i hafta test it in another rig before ill know.
  8. By the way never call evga phone support....theyre morons
  9. SuperDave83 said:
    By the way never call evga phone support....theyre morons

    Typical of any company that outsources tech support to India. If they are in-house and it is still that bad, well that is just sad.
  10. so i plugged in my buddies 9800gtx...powers and boots fine but no video....what now?
  11. and my card shorts out buddies pc as well
    diagnosis? doa mobo and card....efff
  12. RMAed rebuilt and oced to a pretty chill level....awesome a month late
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