Greetings I'm building a higher end gaming computer I have enough knowledge I could probably put this thing together and make it function well enough, but I need advice on the hardware I've purhcased so far. As of now I have an XFX 790i Ultra Mobo, 2 - XFX 8800GT (alpha dog edition), Q6700 CPU. From what I've been reading I've heard a lot of grief come from this motherboard but unfortunately I dont fully understand what is meant. Which brings me to my next question, where can I find a good source for information varrying from common computer hardware knowledge to systems integration, modding, etc... Basically I'm looking to learn as much as I can about everything there is to know about building truly compatible, reliable, efficient gaming machines.

I should also mention that with regards to the current project I'm looking at Corsair ddr3 dominator memory (2x1gb) [2qty]. My last question is about a memory mapping issue with the 790i mobo I'm told that this mobo/chipset has difficulty using all 4 dimms, this was from a technician at CanadaComputers but I cant find any reading material to beack it up, despite the fact he showed me a url at the store proving his point :S

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  1. Send it all back if you can.

    DDR3 is overpriced and not faster than DDR2 currently. 790i is bugridden and overpriced.

    8800GT SLI is a terrible plan right now with 2xx series right around (read: less than a month) the corner which beats it. Does not even get into the fact most people do not need SLI anyway.

    Better idea:

    Asus P5E x38 motherboard or P5Q Pro P45 motherboard for an even better value.

    CPU: Q6600 or Q9450, but the Q6700 is not terrible. Not as much as the motherboard and video cards.
  2. Ready, FIRE,....aim.

    Start over, if you can. I agree with shadowduck.
    There is some good advice in these forums, but the time to ask is before you buy, not after.
  3. shadowduck said:
    CPU: Q6600 or Q9450, but the Q6700 is not terrible. Not as much as the motherboard and video cards.

    i would pick the Q9450 if you can i just got mine in and wow. runs good. you can OC it stable higher with a fan easyly. not the stock fan thow :)
  4. :non:

    Post then buy, or buy then post your scores <smiles>
  5. well if it doesn't all work out then at least you will have a great set up for a couple weeks :)
  6. Thanks for the input I kinda figured it was a bad idea to buy before I really know what I'm looking for, but its okay cuz money is not really a problem I'm likely gonna sell this rig to someone I know for a lil extra and make something else for me.

    I'm thinking about starting over with a striker II extreme but in everyones opinion what is the VERY BEST OF THE BEST hardware to date in terms of compatibility oc'ing and power? (Assuming money is no object)
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