7200.12 1TB or Caviar Black 640GB ?

I'm sorry to start a thread like this but I'm going insane. I just need a little nudge!

I've been looking at the benchmark charts but I really can't work out which drive is the best all rounder.

The 2TB Caviar Black seems awesome in every respect but it costs £225 - I could get a 120GB SSD for that much!

I think the 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 seems to have feeble access times but it's very good in every other area.

The 640GB Caviar Black is not featured in the benchmarks but I've seen people say that the Seagate is faster. And I'm not sure how the 640GB CB comapres to 1TB CB (some people say the 1TB is better, other people say the 640 is better).

I currently have a 500GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 from a couple of years ago but I'm getting a new HDD for Windows 7.


Actually I think I will just get the Spinpoint F3
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  1. All of these drives are going to be in the same general ballpark in terms of performance. If performance is really the most important factor in your decision then you should also be considering a Velociraptor or an SSD.
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