8800gt in sli cooling.

Hi again. I have a few more questions if thats ok.

Im running 2 8800gt units in sli. I have a program called ntune which tells me the temperature of the cards aswell as the temperature of other components.

When I used my nvidia control panel to check the GPU fanspeed it was only around 25%. I was getting temperature's of 70-73 degrees celcius on both cards.

What is an acceptable temp for these cards? I turned the fan speed up to 65% and they cooled down to around 50-54 degrees celcius. However after powering down my computer and rebooting the next day the fan speed was back down to 25%. Is this normal?

I have a E8400 3ghz duo core
4gbs ram i think its 667 type.
windows xp pro

I was condsidering adding an extra fan to my case to improve overall cooling. Would that impact the "flow" of the case as it was designed? Are the "sleeve" GPU coolers worth the money?

Also im curious as to what "ambient temperature" means? Any ideas?

Thanks again. I appreciate the advice and help.
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  1. With Rivatuner you can set up fan profiles and have them run on boot up, my GT's idle @48c at the moment with the room temp at 26c and the 'Ambient temperature' is the temp at the heatsink and should be lower than the core temp or you're going to have issues!

    My case has two 80mm fans next to the graphic cards exhausting the air away and without them there i.e. running without the side on the case the topmost card idles @60c rather than mid to high 40's.
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