I have about $1500 to spend, just on the tower. I bought an Alienware case on ebay, it's perfect. It's big, its got 3 120mm fans and yeah, I like it. So far I have these parts....

MOBO---Asus P5E3 Deluxe

PROC---Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

RAM-----OCZ Dual Channel PC10600 DDR3

Cooler---Thermaltake v1

Case---Alienware case bought on Ebay

Graphics card---Havn't picked one yet, most likely the 9800 series

Hard Drive--- WD 10k HD

Operating system- Vista 64 bit

I'm open to suggestions. This system will be used for gaming, although from the parts picked, I would like to future proof my computer.

Any thoughts on the operating system I picked, DDR3 ram and my mobo?

Thanks for your input.
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  1. ugh you can future proof that well with nayhelm coming so soon, wait a couple weeks to decide on grapfics card xigmatek has really good coolers, dont bother with ddr3, or p5e3 grab their delux p5q and 4 or 8gigs of ddr2, with the savings get a q9300 or q9450
  2. +1 for gator.

    Skip the 10k hard drive, the speed increase is not worth the cost.

    Wait for the 2xx series video cards.

    You don't mention a PSU. I would not trust the one in the Alienware case. Buy this one:
    PC Power and Cooling 610W

    Future proofing is a oxymoron, there is no true future proofing. Something better than your computer is already out :)
  3. Oh, I was going to go for 750 watt corsair PS. sorry about that. but I do like the looks of the 610 w you mentioned shadow.
  4. +1 for gator & shadowduck.

    Except: If 300gb will suffice, and you can afford $300, get the WD velociraptor. It DOES make a difference in everything.
  5. Quote:
    you can future proof

    lol sorry about that i meant cant future proof
    both corsair and pcp&c are good brand 610w should certainly suffice but for some reason i like corsair more
    fanboi i guess
  6. PC Power&Cooling for under 100 buck now thats a deal
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