Is newegg sliping?

I have spent a decent amount of money with newegg recently. I am steping up my 9800gtx for a gtx260 but I threw out my packing material (anti-static bag, etc). So, I decide to buy a gtx 260 now so I wont be without a gpu during the step-up, for the bag and styrofoam, and its a great excuse to go sli. I ordered this 07/18/08 I never recieved it I checked ups tracking and it said that it was delivered to my front door. I then filed a claim that was over a week ago I have heard nothing back. When I call I get treated rudely and get the same responce that I have to wait 7-10 buisness days. Its been at least 7 btw. My stepup is due very shortly. If this were amazon I would have received a refund or replacement that day. What is up with newegg?
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  1. UPS claims to have delivered the package, you claim to have not received it.

    You have done the right thing by initiating a claim with UPS, and you need to press the issue with them, NewEgg can be your strong partner in this, not your enemy.

    1) Where and when, exactly was the packaged delivered? Ask UPS politely for that information, telling them that it would help the investigation if you can tell them if the item was at least delivered to the right building.

    2) Who signed for it? Were there any info-notices stuck to your door? Was it the first attempt at delivery?

    3) Lastly explain your situation to NewEgg, and ask them for can not expect them to ship out a 2nd card just on your say so, tell them the steps you have taken and where the investigation currently stands.

    NewEgg has always treated me with respect, nearly 8 years of business with them and every issue always professionally resolved. I understand none of this is your fault and it sucks, but only you can move the machinery and only with the right oil.

    I once had a high value, very big and heavy item delayed, then seemingly delivered to my front door, I talked at length to the man in charge of missing shipping goods and he told would be surprised what goes missing then shows up, no matter what tracking numbers say. As long as the boxes are labeled correctly.

    Sure enough, a day later my item arrived all by itself on a single truck, it was marked as this guy, who wasn't feeling well enough to carry the thing that day so he waited! All's well that ends well.
  2. Both newegg and ups claim there was no signature required. The package was "delivered" at my front door 45min before I came home from work. I live in the city no one was home. I filed a claim with newegg. Ups told me to go through them and newegg is jerking me around.
  3. newegg id just being prudent. I am sure a lot of ppl say stuff is missing because they don't check carefully, or ppl say stuff is missing and it isn't. They have to cover their hiney to a reasonable degree, plus if they shipped it and ups lost it, not newegg's problem.
  4. Newegg shipped it, why the hell are they responsible if someone else loses it ?
  5. I agree with royalcrown. Once the product is out of Newegg's hands, the responsibility for the product then lies with the carrier. Seems to me that the party you should deal with directly is UPS. I am not sure how successful you will be though, since the package was marked by UPS as being "delivered".

    Good luck with it, hopefully it comes to a happy conclusion.
  6. If you buy something from ebay and pay for shipping insurance (which I would assume newegg does) and this happens do you collect the money from the shipper or ups? Ups pays the shipper. Any company that has loyal customers would normally take care of them. Its not like this is the first item that Ive bought from them in a year. Thats like bestbuy saying that the defective item you bought from them was sealed you need to deal with the manufactuer. I never received what I ordered. A requiered signature is like a dollar more for shipping you figure they might spend that for a $300 product.
  7. They also don't pay you the very first second you call, they usually do an investigation first. Be patient.
  8. From my understanding from friends who worked in shipping, the Egg and UPS have contracts with LOTs of fine print. Cases like this end up he said she said kind of things and Newegg is probably the ones taking it in the shorts here. When a recent shipment of mine came very late, Newegg were the ones who refunded my shipping, not UPS. What really stinks about that is the driver labeled it delivered and i didnt get pkg till 4 days later. Yes UPS you are the ones who suck!
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