Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing a serious Black Screen of Death issue on my wife's laptop - an old HP 530 running Win Vista Home Basic. Message is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I've done a bit of research on possible causes and solutions (most of which are analyzed @*1210.html) and so far I have tried the following without fixing the issue:

- Checking memory
- Trying System Restore and a jump to an earlier status
- Installing updates
- Deleting and restoring pagefile.sys for possible corruption

Also, no new HW or SW installations have been made prior to this problem starting, which is irregular as it allows me i.e. to install updates or defrag the hard drive, but may freeze after an hour but immediately upon startup. I am in the process of reviewing driver updates for chipset & graphics, but I'm not too confident this may solve it.

Does anybody have any ideas what else to try? Any suggestions would be helpful. If it helps, I an provide more data from the Minidump files.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Turn off Auto Updates and select Choose which ones to ionstall.

    It is usually the gpu driver that causes such an error or sometimes it can be an updated audio driver. Laptops are quite finnicky with drivers and should you actually update to a later version, this could cause similar problems.

    You can't use Windows 7 drivers with Vista, all your drivers have to be Vista.

    You might have to roll-back to a previous restore point to fix this problem. You might have toaccess the Safe Mode option to use the Restore Point roll-back option if you can't otherwise get tothe desk top.

    You should consider the laptop make and model and only download drivers from the official site, yourself.
    Accord to HP, this laptop was originally produced for Windows XP Professional so it could be that the update drivers dfor Vista are actually causing the errors. You should check the Device Manager and see if there are any Exclamation Points.
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