Pc wont boot up after first reboot on installation


This pc is normally runing on windowsxppro sp2. when i tried to upgrade to winxp sp3, the pc works well on the initial installation procedure. But after the first reboot during installation process, it won't go through the windows environment, but instead repeats what it started. But if I try to take out the installation disk of windows, it seems that it was not installed with windows. No system files being copied.
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  1. Hmmm, seems like you are caught in a loop, the only way out is 1,, either an install from DOS during which you will be given a selection to repair current install, but as it is SP3 going on over SP2, never done that before,and as you can't get a stable windoze you can't do it from there ...
    OR 2 wipe and install SP3 clean, saving your stuff on another partition...:)
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