How do I get data off of a broken harddrive onto a new one?

I have one (laptop) harddrive that is corrupted from a fall; i was wondering how i could get everything i had saved onto a new harddrive?
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  1. There are a number of data recovery tools out there, but they're designed for people who have accidentally deleted data or formatted their drive. If the drive is physically damaged due to a fall then you're probably out of luck.

    If the drive won't spin up and at least show some signs of life, there's really nothing that can be done short of sending the whole thing out to a company that specializes in this kind of thing - and the procedure can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars IF they're able to do anything for you.
  2. This may help - if it's not too late for you - may help others.
    I do not pretend to be an expert but - The drive on my laptop died along with all my photos - stupid of me I know.
    I do not know why it failed - it may have had a knock. I replaced the hard disc and re-installed xp.
    A friend told me that her students of IT said to put the drive in a sealed plastic bag overnight in a freezer.

    I purchased an external usb/eide converter lead (with 3.5 drive molex power adapter for about £5.00)
    Placed the drive in the freezer as indicated. The next day, I plugged the drive into a usb port, xp detected it
    and I was able to copy all my photos and other data on to the new hard drive.
    I have since seen on the internet that the drive usually works for 20 minutes - until it warms up, but mine worked for a lot longer
    before it died again. I am amazed and pleased.
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