ATI Radeon 9200 or the GeForce FX5200?

Hi guys,
how are you all :)

I have a question on these two old video cards on witch one is better,

ATI Radeon 9200 or the GeForce 5200 FX
or the
GeForce 5200 FX

witch one is better and why? and what cons are (if there are any) there to them?

some people are a little byes to one or the other, so please tell me actual facts(or anything like that) if you can :)

thanks for your help
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  1. The last page of the monthly "Best Graphics Card for the money" article shows a chart with comparable ATI Radeon and NVidia Geforce cards.,1942-7.html

    Looking here, the 9200 and the FX 5200 are in the same bin, so I'd say go with which ever is cheaper.

    -Wolf sends
  2. actually... you dont' want either... actually get a REAL card... get say a 8800 GS... you can get them for under a 100... and it would woop that 5200's a**

    or a 3850 agp if you only have agp slots
  3. If you are not gonna be playing game, then it won't really matter. Just buy whatever is cheaper.

    If you plan on playing games, then avoid both.

    Also, you need to let us know if you have an AGP port or the older PCI port for your video card.
  4. Don't know why you would want to get either... They both suck.
  5. Hi, every body :)

    it is an agp board

    The thing is, that I already have both of the cards, and wanted to know witch is better. I am planning to upgrade to a better video card hopefully in the near future, so this just temporary :)

    thanks again everybody :)

    find out what version of each card and look it up.
  7. If you spend all day running 3DMark, then the FX5200 is definitely the way to go. If you want to play games, both will probably perform about the same in DX8/DX8.1 titles. Note that although the FX5200 is a DX9.0 card, it really, REALLY sucks at real-world DX9.0 apps, so you will want to run in DX8 mode anyway.
  8. Neither. Id rather have Aids.
  9. Personally, I would go with the FX5200 due to better support in Linux for Nvidia cards. Overall, they're about the same.
  10. mrmez said:
    Neither. Id rather have Aids.

    [Laughing uncontrollably] sounds like a Family Guy quote or something.
  11. Giggity goo!
  12. LOL

    I feel I just came back from the future!
  13. I thought this was a joke at first. I'll pass on AIDS, maybe settle with HPV instead.
  14. Hey everyone!

    so I guess I'll go with the 9200 for now. unless there is something like a x850 or x1950 or something like that, but it has to be 30-40ish so if anybody knows of any, I would be happy, maybe I could upgrade sooner
    rather than later :)

    It would be nice if we could try to stay on track :) you have made me laugh though :)

    Thanks for the suggestions you are helping me.
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