Will I need a full tower case to fit a 4870x2?

or will a mid tower case like COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case fit http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119137?

if not, can you reccommend me a good full tower case of good value, stays cool and quiet and isn't too over the top?


Are there any other advantages/disadvantages to full and mid towers?
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  1. Full tower gives you more room, which provides more free space for airflow. Although in the end, if the air just circulate within a case, it's still no good. Those Cooler Master midtowers use mesh front/top that's full of holes and let air though. They should cool better than most full towers.

    As for if 4870x2 will fit, it's still too early for reference board specs to leak. But chances are, yes. Overwhelming majority of PCs run on midtower, so if it doesn't, ATI has a lot to lose. Besides, judging by the 3870/3870x2 sizes, and the size of current 4870, the 4870x2 should fit if it follows the pattern.
  2. Fulltyowers aren't necessarily longer front to back, just taller.
  3. What about a smaller case for a mATX board?
  4. The 4870x2 should be similar in length to the 3870x2, and I have mine in an Antec Nine Hundred case. If you don't want the blue lights, the Antec Three hundred is nice.

    Xbit Labs reviews several Antec cases:


    They really like the Nine Hundred best, followed by the Three Hundred.

    Even though I have a budget board and CPU, I got a case capable of expansion, future water cooling and good cooling. Eventually, AMD will have a quad core CPU that I'll want and room for CrossfireX with two dual GPU cards sounded like a good idea.


    Never stint on a case or power supply. I've only built one "bare bones special" system in the past two years, and even with that Nvidia 405 mobo and case from MSI, I switched out the PSU for a good one.
  5. the current full length graphics cards are 10.5in. long i would assume that the 4870x2 will cohere to that standard. also i have hear that a GTX 280 fits in the cooler master 690 and it is every bit of 10.5in. so i would guess it will.
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