How to reboot toshiba laptop without cd

how can i reboot my toshiba laptop without a cd
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  1. hey
    Turn your computer on and straight away start to slowly tap the F8 key (if this does nothing, try F1).
    After a few moments the Advanced Boot options menu should appear. Select the Repair Your Computer option.
  2. hey am tobi, its pretty easy buh maybe hard for first timers ,
    1 if yours system does not have a cd rom and you dont have an external cd rom,
    2 look for a system that you can use that has a CD-ROM open the system carefully remove the hard drive exchange it the one in the previous system then format for the new laptop after formating remove and replace to the laptop without CD-ROM and turn on. you will be good from there... * Mod edit for personal info * ,,,, mail me if it did not work.. cheers
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