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Hey all, just built and set up my new computer yesterday, and I've started some overclocking. (This is my first home built computer so I'm not savvy with overclocking quite yet.) So far, I've put the multiplier to x17 and that puts the clock speed to 3.4GHz, but it randomly drops to x4 and 800MHz. Anyone mind helping me fix this and hopefully overclock some more?

Also if it helps, from what I've seen on BIOS, the system temp is 15C and the CPU temp is 23C-24C


EDIT- If you guys need any other system/hardware info, just ask and I'll put them up. Just was too lazy to put everything up there if it wasn't needed. :D

UPDATE - I'm up to 3.6GHz with x18 multiplier and 1.3625V, running prime95, the core temp is staying at about 50C, any suggestions?
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  1. Ok mate you need to go into your BIOS settings and change the cpu multiplier from auto to your desired speed.
    when the multiplier is set to auto it downclocks automaticly at idle to save power.
    It can be easily turned off.
  2. Alright, thanks! I've got pretty good air cooling, so how high do you think I can safely get the multiplier/voltage?
  3. What Mobo are you using
  4. Biostar TA790GX 128M

    Also, what programs do you guys use to monitor temperature?
  5. The best way i find is to use amd o/d for testing so theres no need for a cemos reset.
    But turn off auto multiplier from bios first or you will crash..
    Im running 1.3625v with 18 multiplier.
    dont try this setting yet though.
    It really depends on your mobo and cooler.
  6. Speed fan. Coretemp.
    these are good temp programmes.
  7. Well heres my cooling:
    Antec 900 (2 front 120mm fans, 1 back 120mm fan, 1 top 200mm fan, also installed a side 120mm fan)
    Arctic silver 5 on CPU
    Xigmatek Dark Knight on CPU
  8. Ok well i checked you board and you have some good headroom for o/cing.
    Try amd overdrive it saves a lot of rebooting and fiddling.
    Once you find your happy point then use the bios.
  9. This is what someone has achieved on that board so far. So you should be right to bump it up but do it bit by bit. Increase the multiplier to 17 and run a stability test for at least an hour. If your temps are good increase the voltage and keep trying.
  10. My Specs and settings.
    Antec900, M700 750w, Phenom II x4 940 with CNPS9500 cooler, MA_790FX-UD5P,
    ATI HD4870x2, Kingston ddr2800,

    I have my multiplier set to x18. with 1.3625 @3600Mhz
  11. I can't figure out how to get Overclock III going...when I put the motherboard disc back in, nothing loads.
  12. nvm, got it
  13. How do you change the multiplier in Overclock III?
  14. Hey mate sorry i was away.
    You a lot better off using amd overdrive its designed for amd processors.
    Its also very user friendly.
    PM me your email ill link you some specs.
  15. i cant post screen shots here.
  16. oh Overdrive, not overclock3 xD
  17. Alright I have it stable at 3.5, but when i put the multiplier to 18 to get 3.6, it can't handle prime95
  18. Ok thats when its time to bump up the voltage.
  19. to what?
  20. Alright I bumped it up to x18 (3.6) with 1.3625V and the core temp is balancing out at about 50C, would that qualify as stable?
  21. Ok now run prime95 for around 8hours to test for stability.
    if its still running when you come back then its stable.
  22. Safe to have it run overnight while I'm not running it? I have BIOS set to do a shutdown if it hits 60C
  23. Make sure you register with prime95 and connect to the prime net server.
    This way you can run auto tests and the server will make sure your running the right tests. :)
  24. 60C is fine if its core temp. 70 is about max
  25. Yea run it over night, if worst comes to worst it will blue screen.
  26. K, it just blue screened on me, any suggestions? Or is 3.5GHz my limit?
  27. That card is warrented to run at 1.45, and I'm sure you could handle that voltage with a Dark Knight. I'd see how much more headroom that gives you.
  28. So try going a little higher with the voltage?
  29. Yea mate but dont take it to 1.45 straight away, creep it up in stages.
    try bumping it to 1.4
  30. Also take note that even if we had all the same hardware and specs our results will always differ. What takes 1.36v on my system could take 1.45v on yours.
    It all comes down to trial and error.
    Some people have the 940x4 running on nearly 1.5v
  31. you can probably go to 1.4v pretty easy on that CPU without risking much.
  32. This is not the equation but you will get the rough idea.
    Watts divided by amps = volts
  33. If this setting was stable then 1.4 will add a fair bit more head room.
    Try decreasing the miltiplier by x1 and move the voltage to 1.4v
    Now run the test again and check temps.
    If temps are ok the increase the multiplier again :)
    Eric513 said:
    Alright I bumped it up to x18 (3.6) with 1.3625V and the core temp is balancing out at about 50C, would that qualify as stable?
  34. Alright, set voltage to 1.4, x16 was stable, x17 was stable, running x18 atm
  35. Weren't you there already?
  36. Alright, when I run x18.5, it shows in speedfan and coretemp that the CPU temp is only 50-53C, but after running prime95 for a while the computer restarts. Not blue screen, just a restart. I have the computer set to shut down at 65C, but it doesn't look like thats the problem...Any advice?
  37. And its dropping back to 800 when idling even though I took it off auto in BIOS
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