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I just updated the BIOS on my EP45-DS3R to F9 and even with the same settings my memory benchmarks have gone down. In particular latency has increased from 60ns to 72ns. I noticed that the memory timings in the new BIOS are slightly different than before. Should I change any of these:

Current timings: 5-5-5-15
trrd 3
twtr 4
twr 4
trfc 55
trtp 4
cr 2
Channel A (or B) Timing
Static t-read 8
trd phase 0 Auto
trd phase 1 Auto
trd phase 2 Auto
trd phase 3 Auto

trd 2rd(Different rank) Auto
trd2wr (Different rank) Auto
twr2rd (Different rank) Auto
twr2wr (Same/Different rank) Auto

Dimm1 Clock Skew Auto
Dimm2 Clock Skew Auto

The same settings for Channel A and B

My memory is 8GB (4 x 2GB) Corsair Dominator PC8500 currently running at 333MHz x 2.4 (1020 MHz). My CPU is a Q9450 at 3.4GHz (425 x 8)
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  1. Those settings still look very solid to me. Most likely the new bios had some changes geared for stability that increased the overall chipset/MCH latencies. Not much you can do about it except possibly try tweaking some/all of those sub-timings you listed. It's tedious and time consuming and unfortunately the only way to know is to tweak, test, repeat.

    The main one I see that you "might" benefit from is lowering the tRFC. What are you options for it? But, I am not sure how low you can go running 4 modules.

    Also, have you tried a higher FSB setting with the new bios? Your memory is still underclocked and there is no substitute for pure speed.
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