How to format a write protected Micro SD card?

Okay so I have this San Disk Micro SD card and a San Disk SD card adapter. I put like two folders on the Micro SD card when I first got it, never been used. Now a few hours later, I try to put other folders on the card and it won't let me now. It says it is "write protected." Won't let me format or anything. I did nothing, any ideas on how I can format? Thanks.
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  1. Does it have a micro lock switch on the side?

    All of mine do?
  2. No, not the Micro SD card.
  3. SeanDh said:
    No, not the Micro SD card.

    The switch is on the adapter. it is a little (think real small) switch that slides up and down. Move it away from lock and that should remove the write protected
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