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firstly i am a pensioner and do not know much.i wish to scrap my pc as i now have a laptop as i have quite a few legally downloaded games on my pc i wondered if i can transfer them to a memory stick and how do i go about it.
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  1. Hi. You can transfer them to your laptop via memory stick. Plug your memory stick into you PC then go to the folder where you put the games before you installed them. Right click on the game and in the list it will have 'send to' and a few options. Just choose your external memory stick from the list and it will copy the game. Then plug the memory stick in your laptop, highlight(left click) the game . copy and then paste it where you want on your laptop. Then just install as you did on you PC.
  2. You may be able to copy over the game profiles and saved data, but you can't just copy the application over. If you have the installer, you can copy that and reinstall the games, or re-download them, and install them.
  3. If the downloaded games require a product key to be entered than you may have to contact the company you purchased from and see if they will send you the product key needed for your game.

    Good luck.
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