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After my last hard drive went bad, i got a new one with the RMA from Western Digital. However, when i installed the new hard drive, i hear a noise that kind of sounds like a wire hitting a fan, but a little different and it only happens when the hard drive is loading something. I brought my computer to a shop, but they told me that they tested the hard drive and that it was fine and that they didnt hear any noise. I am positive that there is a noise, and i dont know what to do at this moment. I am just wondering if this is an issue that i should be really concerned about. I think it is the hard drive because i have checked all of the fans in the case, with no wires hitting the fans, and as i stated before, the noise only happens when the hdd is loading something. This is a computer i built myself, so no help from any manufacturer..........
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  1. IMHO It is something you should be concerned about.

    Please, please do not store data of any value on this hard drive. Either buy a brand new [not refurbished or anything like that] hard drive or insist on obtaining a replacement for this one asap.............
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    Download the data lifeguard diagnostics from WD and see if they turn up anything.
  3. An additional source of diagnostics, though Data Lifeguard is the most reliable and the only convincing for WD:,22373-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html
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