Windows XP lost after Windows 7 installation

I used windows xp as my main OS. I wanted to dual boot windows xp and windows 7. So i booted my pc from the dvd and installed windows 7 on a separated disk. But after installation of windows 7 completed, my pc just boot directly to windows 7. There is no option to pick which OS to boot. I have no way to enter windows xp anymore. I ran EasyBCD but it said there is only one entry in the bootloader.

I have used dual boot configuration many times before. But I always ran the new OS installation from within the old OS, not through a boot-able DVD. It dual boot fine but if I had to reinstall the first OS then the second OS is also gone ( not boot-able anymore ). So this time I tried the new installation from a boot-able DVD.

Is there anyway to fix the bootloader of windows xp so i can enter xp without having to reinstall everything over again? Please help! Thank you.
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  1. In W7, search and open msconfig. I forget which tab, but you can access the bootloader there, and work through adding your XP installation to the selection screen after POST.
  2. did dual boot a second hdd or did you partition one hdd.?
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