BSOD When Loading Crysis in Vista 64-bit

Hi, hoping for some help here. Just built a new system with some top of the line hardware and am having trouble gaming. Everytime I load up Crysis I get through the intro movies and then when it proceeds to the game menu the system either freezes or BSODs on me withe the nv4_mini.sys error. I tried removing the trailers to see if it helped and all it did was make me crash faster.

My system is as follows:

Vista 64 bit Home Premium
EVGA 790i Ultra SLI Mobo
4x2 GB OCZ Reaper DDR3 (PC10333)
EVGA 8800GTS 512 (G92)
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Seagate SATAII HDD (this is where Vista is installed)
IDE HDD (have XP Home 32 bit on this one)

When I boot to my XP OS and run the game, everything works fine. I have tried removing the RAM 1 at a time and still same results. Have run Memtest and everything checks out. Running all updated drivers as well on both OS (and yes, I have the 64 bit versions on Vista). I'm kind of at a loss here. Can someone please offer any helpful advice and/or troubleshooting techniques?

Also, I would upload some minidumps from Vista however there doesn't seem to be an option for attachments. Am I missing something?
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  1. Uninstall and then reinstall nVidia drivers or update drivers. It is a driver issue.
    Make sure you run drive cleaner before re installing new drivers.
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