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Hey folks! I'd like to know if there is a simple adapter out there that allows me to use a DVI monitor on a VGA graphics card (integrated video). The adapter must be female for the DVI and male for the VGA. Here's the configuration I'm talking about:

VGA Motherboard video output > possible VGA to DVI-I adapter > DVI-I cord > DVI monitor

If there isn't, is it possible for me to use my primary system, connect it to another PC that doesn't have an OS installed, and use this system to view the progress of the OS installation? The OS I will be using for the new system is Windows Server 2003.

There's a third possibility. I use a windows install disk and install Server 2003 onto a new harddrive, install it into the server, and remotely control it with my machine. Is that a possibility?

Thank you so much in advance. And I'd hate to ask for too much, but I've been trying to get this system running for days. I would greatly beyond all perceivable measure appreciate any input at all that you could offer.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. yeh the is an adapted you can buy. normally cost about $9 over here in Australia.

    i have one of them and one to go from DVI to HDMI and i have no problem with them at all and they never loose picture quality at all
  2. They tend to bundle those with video cards, but you can buy em.
    Most of the adapters I've found are DVI to VGA, not the other way around.
    I think you might be able to do this:
    VGA cord > DVI - VGA adapter > monitor. I think that should work, if it makes sense.
  3. I was looking to spend about twelve bucks max . Is it possible to install Server 03 onto a hard disk and then boot it in the new system, at which point I would set up remote desktop?

    Picture quality doesn't matter to me, really. I'm just running the new machine as a server. It won't even have a monitor, disc drive, keyboard/mouse connected to it. It will simply be pure processing power, that's all I need it for. But I can't seem to find a VGA to DVI adapter. I had two adapters, one of which would have worked, but they seem to have disappeared.... It's really unfortunate. I can't really spend any amount of money (anything over like $15, as every cent has been put forth to the server itself.
  4. this is what your looking for.

    i know the store it completely useless to you, but it gives you an idea anyways.

    price is in AUST dollars
  5. Except I need the reverse. =P

    Thanks for the link. I need a female DVI plug and male VGA plug.

    I've found things that will fit such a connection, but their reviews are so incredibly mixed that I have no idea if it will even work. - Would that one work? The latest review leads me to believe that it would, but past reviews are mixed at best.

    The best solution would be for me to install Server 03 to a hard disk and hook it up inside the server, at which point I could do a remote desktop, and things would be smooth sailing from then on. Is that possible?
  6. Thank you. But like I said, I need a female DVI-Male VGA. The opposite of that one.

    I am left with two choices. Attempt to install Serv03 to a hard drive, and put it in the server, or install it to its own hard drive after purchasing an adapter that *hopefully* works.

    I'm apting for the first one. But can it be done?

    Thanks in advance for input/answers!
  7. Digital to analog is simple... but analog VGA to digital DVI ususally required a powerd converter.

    Something like this:

    I do tons of server03 installs, but always with a local VGA monitor attached... You have to take care of several things during the install you need the monitor for, before you will be able to RDP or VNC into to finish setup.

    You will want to perform the install on the pc that it will be permanantly on. I nstalling to a drive, then pulling the drive to put in the monitorless server will not work properly. HOWEVER, there are ways to do a "special server install" to a drive and then putting it into the computer... at which time it will confirgure for the new hardware. This is done by flashing a server image to the drive like a ghost kinda thing. I havent done it before, and it may be several processes... but it is possible.

    Go buy a vga monitor real quick on your credit card, open box or something... then return it. Has worked for me before
  8. ^

    He said what I was going to say and more.
    Analog to Digital is a PITA and will cost some $$$ for a converter.
  9. HG, that link you posted from newegg will work fine. There is no cheap adaptor to go from DVI-D (digital) to VGA although there may be active adaptors that can work (never bothered looking). The only possibility is DVI-A or I to VGA (and vice versa). The devices are extremely simple, I wouldn't worry about the reviews (I've probably used 20-30 of the DVI to VGA adaptors with no issues ever). Basically you should verify that the monitor is not solely compatible with DVI-D. It is easy to verify.

    THe six types of connections are linked here, ignore the red boxing as I did not create the image.
  10. I really appreciate the help!

    So a simple adapter would not function for this purpose? My LCD will work with analog signals. It's just going from a new model Asus motherboard with onboard video straight to my LCD. And, like I said, my monitor supports analog signals.
  11. Blasted. My cord is digital only, now having just read the cord itself... =P

    I suppose now I need a VGA to DVI-I cord? Perhaps this:
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