FLASH! Newegg is in Canada!

I know this doesn't exactly belong in the CPU section but this is the most visited area of these forums...

Our brothers to the north can rejoice as Newegg is/will soon be available in Canada. Check it out...


Read the article here!

No thanks needed, just send Molson Ice.

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  1. Newegg rocks.Their prices are sometimes 50% that of local retailers.
    They sure saved me a lot of cash.
  2. Sorry for the duplicate thread...other thread link below...

  3. Newegg recently helped me with a problem I had getting a rebate. Newegg paid the rebate. Don't say i didn't warn you. 8)
  4. Now if only they come to Australia...
  5. Acethechosenone said:
    Now if only they come to Australia...

    :lol:. o O (give 'em... 20 years or so)
  6. Sweet!!! As long as the prices are as good here.

    Thanks chunkymonster
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