Can I have more than 2GB of Memory?

I've been searching for answers for days and can't seem to find anything.

I bought 4 GB of RAM to completely replace my current 2GB. Bios recognized it but my OS still said 2.0. Did I need to change some settings?

I don't have a motherboard manual and can't seem to find any info about my motherboard. I was able to see some info inside my computer. Foxnn L S-36 rev A00

computer specs:
XP - Media Center ED. SP 2
Dell XPS 600
Pentium D 3.0 GHz
2.0 GB RAM

Am I limited by Windows? Am I limited by my motherboard? I know I may not be able to get all 4GB but can I get 3GB?

Thank you,
- logan
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  1. 32 bit OS's cannot use 4GB of memory. The actual usage varies it seems but I've seen some people only get as much as 2GB. You should be able to get 3GB though...

    There's literally a million of these threads that popped up once ram got cheap. If you want 4GB, you need a 64 bit OS.
  2. Yeah, I think I have discovered that I can't get 4GB but I would be happy with 3GB. I'd like to use the 3GB switch to be able to run CS2 faster.
  3. I see 3.25 GB (my video card has 0.75 GB of RAM), and lots of people see 3.5 GB.

    I suspect you need to tell Windows about the new RAM somehow. At worst, reinstall Windows.
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