Windows vista in a loop condition will not update

i have an ACER 3680 runnung vista basic with 1 mb of hard ram. The loop condition is not the e of 3 updating, I ge.t a page asking to check for updates, after checking for pdates i get the message to restart my computer, although no updates are listed. after5 pots of coffee and 12 hours tryng to resolve this problem this laptop is very close to becoming a boat ANCHOR, i TRIED THE c PROMPT FIXES, THE MICROSFT AUTOMATE FIXES WITH NO RESULTS. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIAREDy fOR ADDTIONAL INFORMATION i can be reached at email address ra_mcdaniel@ Thank you for letting me tske up your time reading this problem....
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  1. 1) Your machine cannot be running only 1MB RAM.

    2) You're not supposed to post up your email address on these forums.

    3) Sorry, but i don't get your question. Could you please explain it a bit better?
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