Help needed on my watercooling

Hi everyone,

I recently made an upgrade to watercooling and it's been going great for me.

Pics here:

The thing is I'm going to be buying a 4890 soon and will be watercooling that, so it means for me to buy a new radiator.

I have set to choose a XSPC RX360 Rad as I can pick one up for about £55

The thing is, I'm going to buy 3 Scythe Ultra Kaze's (2000rpm/87cfm) fans to put on the rad, but it will obviously generate a lot of noise when I crank them up with the fan controller.

So I want to get a shroud for the rad to reduce noise and also tunnel airflow.

Would a 120.3 shroud or a single 120mm shroud work.

Here are two 120.3 shrouds I found but I'm not sure if they will fit?
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  1. Goodness. That rad really doesn't need fans like that. Go to xtreme forums, watercooling, stickies and look up fan tests. Also Google Martin watercooling. Skinnee hosts the site now. Read up.

    There is no shroud made for that rad. You'd have to make one. You can read about shroud results on Martins. They do help somewhat.
  2. O ok then, so simple yate loons will do the trick?
  3. Yea, Yate Loon HS will be just fine. Petras is the only place I'd buy them from, don't want to link a buncha posts of internal pics etc. Petras is the only place that gets them direct.

    I'd still find the places I mentioned, great links to keep and learn. You WILL use them someday.
  4. I live in the UK so I can't really buy from Petra's so that's out the way.

    Can you recommend one from here:

    OR here
  5. Better idea. Pick a few from the reviews I listed then buy them. I don't pay a lot of attention to fans anymore, I buy Yate Loons. So I can't recommend any specific one.
  6. OK then thanks, but the reason I chose the Ultra Kaze's were because of high airflow and more static pressure due to the 38mm thickness, I thought it would be better since I'll be cooling an overclocked Phenom 940 and an overclocked 4890
  7. Your rad doesn't need fans like that. Once you get to xx CFM/pressure, your gains are small. Just have to read and learn.

    Since you haven't looked and spent time yet, maybe for a hour or so deciphering charts, I'll make it as easy as I can. Here is the link. Cya in a day or so.
  8. Ok thanks for the links, I'll read on
  9. Regarding those TFC shrouds - couldn't you just take apart a cheap fan and use it's shroud to achieve the same thing?

    Cheap Fan = couple bucks
    TFC Shroud = 20 bucks
  10. You can, common usage with peeps who have old fans. But a made to rad shroud is much nicer. Getting the fans about 1" away from the rad surface removes the dead spot of the fan motor. Been proven in temp tests. If your close to underad wattage issues, it can help. Not every WC rig needs to worry about this.
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