Overclock AMD Athlon 64 X2- 4000+ ???


I am very new to this. I would love to see if this thing can overclock. I REALLY need someone to walk me through it or refer me to a website that has a real hands-on attitude.

I have that CPU on a GA-MA69GM-S2H motherboard with an AMD 690G chipset.

Is that enough info ?? I do have the CD's that came with the board and the CPU.

Thanks, in advance, for any guidance

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  1. I suggest you take a look at this sticky thread: Guide to overclocking the A64
  2. How To: Overclocking Your AMD Processor : Introduction: The Basics Of Overclocking

  3. i have the AMD ATHLON 64 X2 400+ Overclocked to 2.87 and it usually runs about 52 on a full load and 39 sitting idle.This thing rates a 6.0 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. However I have 4 fans inside my case with 500 watts PSU. If you need tips just reply to birtneysbooboobear@yahoo.com
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