Windows xp repair stalls at 28 minutes

windows xp service pack 2
Im trying to do a repair but the setup/installing process always freezes at the 28 minutes left. Ive left my PC on oernight and it was still stuck at 28 minutes. I followed all the instructions left at this website on doing a repair/install. nothing seems to work.

hdd: western digital 500 gb sata drive
windows xp service pack 2 cd
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  1. Follow this guide to boot off the XP disc, and into the recovery console.

    When you get to the command line, type chkdsk /r and press enter. Once the chkdsk has completed, try running the windows repair again.
  2. didnt work.chkdsk /r - seemed to work, it checked the disk and I belive repaired some things, but once I began the reinstall/repair the same issue happened again.
    any other suggestions?
    should I uninstall, usb ports, video cards, ec, take out the extra ram from my PC?

    Ive done reinstall, repairs before. this is the first time this issue of being stuck on 28 minutes has happened.
  3. Yes, unplug anything non-essential.
  4. 2 suggestions 1, when hung up give it the three fingered salute,setup is a very powerful program, maybe just needs a slap upside etc...
    2, Could be a snafu in the registry, needs cleaning etc.
    You did not indicate if installing from windoze or Dos, either way there comes a time during install when you are given the selection, among others to REPAIR current install, used it a fewXX's..
    Windoze never takes more that 15m to install, for me....bare or otherwise..:)
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