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Hi there, when bought my laptop about two years ago, the salesman said it came with virus protection and a firewall, then I bought into Cox Internet and they also said they had protection. My question is "do I have protection to combat viruses or anything else that comes my way or not?? My laptop is not used for banking
or purchases, etc. No credit cards, etc. Just schoolwork only. I do have major coverage for school. What do you think? Please help.
Thank you very much,
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  1. What security software is loaded on your laptop?It might be outdated,but there are plenty of free options out there!
  2. See.. any salesman can say that a PC has security.. because really every computer should have a firewall of some sort. I think what your looking for is Antivirus protection, I have found Trend Micro reliable, millions would say go for the free option, but I would prefer Trend as the review's are 100%.

    Trend Micro Internet Security:
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