This is just a heads up for anyone who happens to read this thread.

I just received a phone call from a man with an Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft. He claimed my PC has been sending them error reports and he was calling to check in on things. I played along until he requested me to install teamviewer (which I already have as I use it to help friends from time to time) and to allow him access. I told him that I'm well aware Microsoft has their own remote desktop connection application and I do not need to install third party software to allow that connection.

He continued to argue with me stating that my computer must have an infection and he is doing his job by helping me. I laughed and said I have a mac (which I don't, PC for the win), he then swore and hung up on me.

After doing a reverse lookup on the number I found it to be from New York, New York and a cell phone.

The number is 1-917-217-9518.

I called Microsoft to report this, and the support rep said he thought my mac comment was pretty funny. He took a full report including my name and number, and said they'd be in touch and that they are taking legal action against these individuals already.

If you get a phone call from this number, or any other for that matter DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OR ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR PC.

They are trying to install keyloggers which will relay your personal information to them and compromise your identity, possibly even your financial information if you do online banking/shopping.

Microsoft will only contact you if you request it! Do not fall for the scam!
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  1. An obvious scam to anyone with common sense but thanks anyway.

    I used to keep getting calls from some idiot with an asian accent telling me I have a virus on my PC and that they could get rid of it if I bought unique software from them. I've never had a computer virus-infection, I've always been to careful for that to happen. I knew straight away it was a scam but I let him talk a bit just for the fun of it. When I'd had enough I just said "Not interested" - he said "f**k off" (the only two words I understood!) and he hung up.

    I have caller display on all my house phones now. Any call which displays as "International" or "number withheld" I never pick-up. I just let my message-recorder pick it up and they just hang up before the beep.

    The number of nuisance and scam calls have reduced considerably since I got a message-phone with caller display.
  2. "An obvious scam to anyone with common sense but thanks anyway."

    You don't need to be rude about it. This post is for the benefit of others. Obviously people still fall for it if they're still calling.
  3. I have a friend who got a spam call from someone stating they were from Microsoft.

    My friend actually worked for Microsoft and when he told the scammer this, he hung up... :D
  4. I still think my mac comment was rather good. The cursing as he hung up put it over the top.
  5. Apanzee said:
    I still think my mac comment was rather good.

    It was... :lol:
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