Repairing Disc Tray

I bumped my knee into the open dvd tray and knocked it off track. I took the drive out of the computer, opened the case, found the tabs to pull the tray all the way out, and then put it back in, on track.

Easy repair, right? No!

As you move the tray in, it turns a gear that raises the main read mechanism. As I push the tray in, the middle potion that attaches to the disc rises just high enough that it blocks the tray from moving back any further as it hits the center attach point. So the tray will only go half way in now.

I fiddled with the thing for over an hour and can't figure it out. Is there something simple I am missing? I can post pictures if it would help.

I think all drives work pretty much the same, but if it matters it is a Samsung SH-S202G.
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  1. $30 should take care of that.
  2. I realize that a new drive is cheap, but it seems wasteful for what should be a simple repair.

    Or were you implying that there is no way to fix the problem?
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