Randomly dissapearing cd rom

hi guys
ive been having a problem with my pc lately, which i built about a month ago.
well, the title sais it all
nearly every time i turn on my pc, the d drive does not show up under ''my computer'' or in device manager
the drive opens and closes, but it wont read the disks
ive looked into this problem elsewhere, and it keeps saying you need to go into regestry editor and delete upper and lower filters. i looked in the right location, but there were no upper or lower filters. ive tried uninstalling the drive and reinstalling the drivers, but the same problem occurs.
the only way it works is if i turn my pc off, plug out the ide cable, turn the pc on, turn it back off, plug in the ide cable, and turn the pc on again. it is a lot of hastle considering i have to do it all over again when i turn my pc on later the same day
all the components are new but is it a hardware problem? should i just buy a sata cd rom?

im using windows vista premium 64bit

any help would be apperciated
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  1. I would check it the IDE cable is fully seated in the motherboard and in the drive. If it is, thry swapping the IDE cable if you have s spare. A SATA OEM DVD drive sells for #30.00 and up plus shipping.
  2. ok thanks, il try that
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