Dead M2N32-SLI deluxe, need replacement

The title says it all. Recently started having boot issues (my computer would get to windows boot, then stutter and restart, but would eventually load to windows maybe 1 out of 50 times). The wierd thing is after booting everything would be fine (until I had to restart the computer). Thought it could be the HDs (I have 3 in Raid5) or the mobo. Tried clearing the CMOS settings, didn't work. I then tried updating the bios. This proved to be even worse as I am getting no bios boot screen or anything. I will sometimes get a very fast beep out of the speaker, which is then followed a minute later by a horrible high pitched beep that moves into a low pitched beep (I think its just screaming in pain). Anyway, as far as I can tell I think its dead.

Because of this I am in the market for a new mobo. I liked the ASUS that I had before it died, but the feature set was a little overkill for me. I also don't have that kind of money right now to drop on an expensive mobo. I would prefer to keep all my current components:

nvidia 7900 gt
auzentech explosion dts connect
3 250 seagate HDs running in raid 5
athlon xp 3800
hiper 580w PSU
4x 1g sticks of Corsair ddr2 800mhz ram

Again, I know there are several areas where I could make upgrades, but I just don't have the time/cash right now. I would be willing to make the switch to intel, as long as the mobo/cpu combo wasnt horribly expensive. Hopefully a fix can be made for under $250? Also, if you have any tips for what might be wrong with the current mobo, please send them my way. Anyway, thanks for any and all help. I'll be trolling, so if you have any questions, feel free.
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    If you're buying a new mobo, might as well get one that overclocks the Phenom best.

    Or you can pick up a barebone of an E2X00 cpu & GA-EP35-DS3R or GA-EP45-DS3R. R = RAID.
  2. A good fix for about $250:

    If you just want another AM2+ mobo, the SB750 version of this (should be available soon) would be great:
  3. I'd go with the gigabyte board out of those selections, it's not a great time to buy a new intel system with a major platform changeover just round the corner. You could also consider the gigabyte ga-ma-770-ds3 2.0 revision as that has the more recent southbridge and only lacks the overclocking of the vastly more expensive boards.

    This is the revision 1.0

    so that would be fine if you don't intend to upgrade again on this socket (it can take up to the 9750 phenom though

    But if you can get the revision 2 board, recognizable by 2 extra usb back ports and 2 extra onboard sata (for a total of 6) then that takes the 9950 and hopefully some of the newer stuff later this year.
  4. You might want to check the prices on an ASUS M2N-E.
  5. for how long did u own the M2N32-Sli and and what rev. number it is ?
  6. hmm, I think its been a little over 2 years now, where should I look to find the rev number?
  7. Try the manual or the barcode sticker on the motherboard, if there is one that is
  8. alright, found the rev number: it's 1.03.
    not sure if it matters too much, as I'm pretty sure its dead

    Also, here are some mobos I have been looking at:

    liked both suggestions for the gigabyte and dfi, but I'm trying to get a board that supports RAID 5 as my HDs are setup in RAID 5 now (got most of my stuff onto an external before the board died, but there might be a few things I would want). Also any prefference for 790gx, 790fx or 750a?
  9. hmm, just out of curiosity I tried turning on my comp today and it came back on... but it is doing the same thing it was doing before when loading...
    It will get through the bios screen and the raid screen and then start loading up XP, but will stutter once or twice and then restart. I'm at a total loss now for what could be wrong, mobo, HDs, windows itself... I'm lost. Any ideas?
  10. bump/ my brain is hurting trying to figure this out...
  11. well, managed to figure out what the problem was eventually...

    after finally getting the system to boot (but still having loading issues with windows) i thought, wtf, I might as well try a reformat. So I get ready to reformat and I start getting BSODs when running the windows disc. They give me some aspc.sys error, which after searching turns out to be a memory error. I start takeing out mem sticks, and sure enough it seems like one of them is the culpret. No more problems as of right now with the mobo, I just wish it had been easier to figure out.
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