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whats up everyone? im building my 2nd system and i decided to go with ssd drives since windows 7 is coming out very soon. for now, i just need a drive for the OS, and i believe 30gbs will be enough, i found a 60gb agility drive for 200 with free shipping, or i can go with a vertex turbo 30gb drive for 150 + shipping :/ im really leaning towards the agility drive just for the extra space... ive read alot of reviews and from what i understand people are partial to vertex... is there any reason i should take the vertex instead or does it really matter in this case?
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  1. As far as I know, the Vertex uses the Indilinx controller. That controller is the only one (Other than Intel) that can maintain its performance as you use it over time. It supports the Trim command within Windows 7.

    For the reasons, see this review:

    This applies to the Vertex, probably to the Vertex Turbo, but you prolly don't need the Turbo version.
  2. go for the Vortex , or Patroit Torqx (Not M28) Both will support the win 7 Cmd and both perform about the same I think Torqx is a little faster on 4 K random writes). I have the Patriot. The Patroit Torqx M28 uses a Samsung controller and they are slow to upgrade Firmware and at this time it is up-in-the-air about trim support. Vortex has "garbage" collector and Torqx has wiper that returns drive close to "as new". The intel 2nd Generation is the Best, but at many places is over priced (coming down). the first Generation (G1) will not support the trim cmd, G2 does.

    Had to correct my swr#@up, M28 is Patriot not OCZ
  3. thanks guys :)
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