Overclocking Athlon X2 3600+

does anyone know how to overclock my amd athlon *2 3600+ iv treid to but dont know if im doing it right it was 2.00ghz i put it to 2.4ghz can it go more than that and how thanks shane
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  1. How exactly have you tried? Maybe people can help you out more with more details available :)
  2. sorry the cpu is amd athlon*2 3600+ 2.03ghz ram is 1gig with widows vista home basic iv also got zalman water cooled fan also got ati hd3650 graphics card also my psu 450watts my motherboard is a asrock alive nf4g dvi with 160 gig hard drive hopefully this mite help thanks again am sorry
  3. OP, could you please detail what you did to push the clock speed up to 2.4 GHz? Also, could you edit your first post and change the title into something more descriptive of your question? People will be able to help you better that way.
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