How can i set up a lan with out a router/server

I have 2 standard computers 1 with xp 1 with vista. Can i set-up a lan without a router/server for multi-player gaming. I have tried an ethernet cable from one computer to the other and the computers sensed that they where conected but when i went to set-up a multi player game i got an eror mesage saying could not conect to surver. How can i cheaply fix this? PLZ reply with an anser i don't want to have to buy a server.
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  1. Now I may be wrong, but I don't think it's possible to do what you're wanting w/out a router. If someone knows a way, please correct me.
  2. you had the wrong type of cable, you need a twisted pair, i have one of these somewhere that i bought ages ago, obviously cant find it when i need it.

    a standard straight cable can only be used for connecting to a router, a twisted cable its like the old twisted null modems in that it tricks the computer into thinking its connected via a router.

    could always look for a second hand cheap router off ebay.
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    Actually although the cable you need is a twisted pair, so is the one you use to connect to a router, what is needed is a crossover cable rather than a straight (or patch) cable.


  4. well done dev, for the life of me i couldnt remember what it was called!
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