Raid 5 with 3 HDD crashed with 2 HDD how to recover data

i have configured raid 5 with 3 hdd and out of these 3 HDD 2 HDD crashed. i have got new HDD. is their any possible way to rebuild raid.
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  1. Yes, install the new 2 HDD, initialize both disk, covert it to dinamyc disk. Them repair the RAID 5 array volumen to include the 2 new HDD.
  2. If you really lost two disks out of a RAID5, you have no real hope for restoring data. You need to get the array in a "DEGRADED" state by letting it have one disk less than there should be, but if you loose two disks any new disk you have cannot be restored.

    So if you really lost two disks out of a RAID5 array, your data is gone. That's also why even with redundant RAID, you still need a backup solution. You always need a backup solution, its many times more important than the safety RAID is able to provide.
  3. Thanks guys thanks for your help. lemme check and update this.
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