I have downloaded a golf video to Windows Media Player, but it has to buffer all

How do I burn to DVD a video downloaded from the internet to Media Player. It buffers all the way through. Jen
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  1. The answer depends on about 20 variables. What's the video format, how are you trying to play it, what software do you have? Take a look at http://www.doom9.org/, there are many things in there that can help you.
  2. I've downloaded it via the internet to windows media player (updated) played it all the way through to allow the buffering to finish, then tried to burn it to CD. Media Player does seem to regonize DVD. Media Player then say's it has errors because it was downloaded from the internet. Well to me it was fully downloaded as I can replay it without any buffering. Tried everything I can think of. Help
  3. Typcially streamed video is copy protected and stored as a temp file. Even if you attempted to locate the temp file and copy to another drive, you will not be allowed to do so.
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