9800GTX Maximum Overclocking Capabilities

I have a 9800GTX with stock fan, waterblock or external cooler.

System Specs:

Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 8400 @ 3.00 GHz
2 GB (2X1GB) Ballistix
Hitachi Deskstar 250GB
Biostar TP35D2-A7

Case: Coolermaster something, kinda forgot. Aluminum & light. Front panel has waves/bumps.

I would like to know the overclocking capabilities of a 9800GTX. (Software only) I also would like to know how to overclock the 9800GTX's core, shader, and memory in software-mode and without using any money, (spending money on the overclocking program, buying an external cooling device or a waterblock (liquid cooling) and without killing and burning it to death. I am able to spend money on electricity bills, and I know how to use RivaTuner (lol a simple way).
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  1. Rivatuner is fine. The g92 core should reliably oc to 750mhz, with some people going as far as 800mhz. Keep shader linked to core for best performance/stability. It's not heat bottlenecked, so aftermarket cooler won't help. As for ram, keep it near stock. Ocing ram does not produce significant performance improvement, unlike core/shaders, and the possible instability/corruption produced is not worth the trouble.
  2. 820 is the highest I've heard of with stock hsf. That said, most people seem to be able to push between 750 and 800 like dagger said. It should do 750 without a problem, probably even 775.
  3. what does it mean to keep shader linked to core?

    This is not an ati card, (i assume you mean shader same as core), (ati cards have shader clock with core clock the same) so what does it mean to have the shader linked to core?
  4. mines 770/1925/1200(x2) with a stock cooler on an antec 900 case. workrs well for me. averages around 63c on full. my room is pretty hot though.
  5. WHat about the fan speed? I normally have it around 55%, but sometimes 100% with 740 core, 1752 shader, 1100 memory (dangerous to oc memory so i dont do that)
  6. I have my XFX 9800GTX Black Edition set as follows:

    Core: 810 MHz
    Shader: 1998 MHz
    Memory: 1215 MHz
    Fan: 60%

    Idle Temp is about 41 deg. C

    I used Riva Tuner v2.22.

    Works well, haven't had a problem yet. Pushes out a 3DMark06 score of 15777.

    -Pepe El Toro
  7. I have a zotac 9800GTX, I can overclock that to 800Mhz core, and it games just fine. I do turn the fan speed up to about 70% manualy, which keeps the gpu temp around 40 - 50 Deg. C
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