New System wont boot, PLEase HELP!!

hi toms hardware forumers

i have build a new computer today and the system WOnt boot!!

please help me with my problems if you guys have encountered anything like this!

My system specs

intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

Asus P5E-Deluxe Motherboard

Ati Radeon HD4870

Corsair Dominators PC2-8500 1066Mhz 4Gb Kit

Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power supply

2 * Hitachi 7200rpm 750G HDD

2 * Wesgtern Digital 720o rpm 500G HDD

Zalamn CSPN9700 Titanium HSF

Antec 900

I plugged everything in correctly

During the first power on the system turns on (i.e the fans are running, the lights are on) But nothing shows on the monitors, not even the POST messages or Bios

and after 1 min the system shuts itself down

the PSU (Enermax Galaxy 1kw) started beeping twice in intervals ("beep beep.....beep beep") and the voltage light turns from green to red

Here is what the PSU's manual explains this

PSU Status: Suddenly off or Unable to Power on

Red Light


Tow Beeps Interval:

1. Power supply abnormal, protection circuit activated*.
2. Connector terminals are short-circuited.*

* When PowerGuard starts to beep under abnormal situation, you can press the red reset button near the LED light to temporarily deactivate the internal buzzer. When this happens, we suggest you turn off the system and perform the system check. If after the system check, the PowerGuard still send out the alert or the fault condition cannot be removed, please contact your ENERMAX agent, distrbutor, or ENERMAX headquarter service center.

So i thought that was wierd and tried to boot again

the system wont even turn on now

(i.e. the lights/fans turns on for about 0.5 seconds, and then everything goes dead)

the PSU would go to its beeping intervals again

so i thought it might be the PSU

and i unplugged everything

plugged in only the Motherboard (the motherboard sill has RAM, Video Card, CPU, and fans connected, just no power to them)

only the 24 pin MObo power was connected

and the comp still goes on with just 0.5 milli seconds with the beeping intervals following after

then i removed the Ram, video card, sound card, and all the fans

and still the same thing

what could be wrong here!??

please help me!!
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  1. so you flashed your mobo to become the rampage formula?
  2. no i didnt flash anything
    the Motherboard is still a ASUS P5E-Deluxe
    but i just put in bracket rampage formula incase some body cant find the specs of this board online
    i couldnt find anything about this board yesterday
  3. ... im confused of why you put rampage formula in brackets, they are different boards

    and im going to go ahead and assume somethigns wrong with your psu
  4. ok
    i have a p5e deluxe mobo
    just similar to the rampage formula

    i put in bracket b/c of reason stated above
    (there are practically no reviews of the p5e deluxe online)

    anyways i have edited the brackets out

    but please help me with the problem!

    i just tried with a 350W PSU that came with my old ACer Aspire
    and it worked! ( with just mobo + CPU)

    So is my PSU dead?
  5. yeah
    i have a 9600GT laying around i could try to use that to get video somehow

    but im afriad my 350W PSU, the only spare on i have, will not be enuf to run the system

    does anyone know if a PSU dies on a fully connected system takes down other components with it?
  6. ok i will give that a try now
    give me 5 min to set it up

    if i can get video from it then that means nothing else other than the PSU is crapped right?
  7. omg
    the 350W PSU doesnt have a 6 pin PCIe connector
    i digged everywhere in the house and couldnt find a 2 x 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCIe adaptor cable (I swear i have some of them lying around)

    but yeah
    i will try it tmr and maybe even with a new PSU
  8. Do you have stand-offs between the case and motherboard?
  9. Yeah, I was thinking standoffs as well. If your PSU says abnormal circuit or whatever and you ONLY have the mobo connected, something is probably shorting. You can test your PSU itself, thought I don't recall what wires you need to jump... you can easily google it.
  10. Not related to the power supply, but... I bought the dominator ram from corsair for my new build, It won't boot unless you go into the BIOS and raise the voltage for the ram. Of course that is difficult if you don't have other usable RAM to get to the BIOS.

    In the end my dominator ram was Defective anyway, so it still didn't work, ended up with Kingston instead.

    Just to let you know though you need to do the first boot with 1.8-1.9 Volt RAM and then crank the volts up to 2.1-2.2 for the dominator stuff.
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