I'll buy new system please have a look i need help.


i want to buy GIGABYTE x48 DQ6 but too expensive, so i'm gonna buy ASUS P5KE or i'm open for new suggestions.

the graphic card very important for me, cause i'll use for 3d modelling, basic video editing, and games. so i've 2 options.
op1) 8800GTS 512MB/256bit overclocked
op2) HD3870 512MB/256bit ( and then maybe i can do CF )

and for memory i'll prefer 2x1 GB CL4 1066 Mhz.

other components are okay.

but i have a few questions

1) mother board is little bit poor is it a problem ?
2) if i buy q6600 and do overclock what is difference ? because q6600 have high o.c. performance but i shuld spend money to cooling system =) i cant deciede this. i'll buy q6600 with o.c. or i'll buy q9450 and i dont do anything because motherboard has max 1333 mhz FSB.

thank you..
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  1. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4/DS5 are cheaper than the DQ6.
    Alternatives Asus P5E (X38), Asus P5Q Pro (P45), Gigabyte GA-EP45-DSxx ...
    It's largely dependant on your budget (and local pricing).

    The graphics card won't change 3D modeling or video editing performance that much. Wait for HD 48x0 cards to appear if you want to go with ATI/AMD and crossfire.

    Q6600 vs Q9450 : if you want to overclock go for Q6600 and get a good cooler. Invest the "savings" towards a 2x2GB kit (Corsair DHX C4) of memory. You shouldn't need 1066MHz RAM for Q6600 (upto 3.6GHz).

    The Q9450 usually tops out around 3.6GHz also but you need 1066MHz RAM and I would advice an X38/X48/P45 motherboard to reach that high.
  2. Seeing how your going to be doing video editing don't mess with 2x1 gig. Get 2x2 gig.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130181 $99.99
    MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
  3. i think x48 ds4 good for me.. when i want to upgrade my system i can use new processors.. how about graphic cards =) which option is best ? actually i can wait hd48xx series but i can be expensive for me..
  4. yes new configuration is like that:

    Intel Q6600 209$
    Gigabyte X48 DS4 235$
    Asus EAH HD3870 512MB/256Bit 172$
    Corsair Dominator 2x2 DDR2 1066 150$
    Coolmaster RG690 $85$
    PC Power-Cooling 750W PSU 150$
  5. ^.. nice config. Only thing i would change is DDR2 1066 RAM to DDR2 800 RAM ... 1066 got issues.... moreover you wont notice any performance difference between the two... and 800 is cheaper too

    You ought to wait for the new GPUs. Radeon 4870 costs $330.
  6. yeah thank you.. i'll compare between ddr2800 and ddr21066 but actually i'm still not sure q6600 or q9450 only reason is money =)

    i think i cant buy 4870 now.. maybe 6 mounts later..
  7. ^... if i were you i wouldn't bother with X48 ... i'd go for X38 which performs great..... you might have chosen X48 for the DDR3 and pci 2.0 support for futureproofing... but i would ditch all that since Nehalem in two years would be miles ahead than an X48 mobo with DDR3.

    So yeah, if i were you i'd save up on the bling and get this mobo


    and use the cash for a better GPU.

    Q6600 is a very good CPU... it overclocks well too. Another option would be Q9300 ($70 more than a Q6600). Its faster than Q6600 on stock speeds

    Here are a few benchmarks


    But you wouldn't know the difference if you overclock your Q6600.
  8. you are right but x48 have PCI Express 2.0 if i didnt look wrong x38 ds4 hasn't PCI express 2.0..

    but i didn't deciede about CPU.. maybe i can buy q9300 it depents according to my money status =)
  9. X48 is only a revision of X38, should overclock easier and costs more (X48 is X38, binned for X48 specific features like offiicial 400MHz FSB support).
    Both have PCIE 2.0.

    Some X38 boards are out of stock (GA-EX38-DS4) that's why I listed the GA-X48-DS4 ($35 more).
  10. version said:
    you are right but x48 have PCI Express 2.0 if i didnt look wrong x38 ds4 hasn't PCI express 2.0..

    which is why i explained to you about Nehalem.

    Anyhow PCI 2.0 doesn't give that much of a performance difference.


    version said:
    but i didn't deciede about CPU.. maybe i can buy q9300 it depents according to my money status =)

    You'd be spending $200 for Q6600 and $35 for a cooler. So basically you have a $235 Q6600 CPU or a $270 Q9300 CPU ... note that Q9300 overclocks well too.

    These are the overclocked benchies:



    1) Stock Q9300 beats stock Q6600.

    2) Overclocked Q6600 beats stock Q9300

    3) Overclocked Q9300 beats overclocked Q6600. ......... (But not by much)
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