Question about Asus 4850

Just built my new system:

Asus P5Q Pro
Asus ATI 4850
Gskill 4 gb
WD 500 gb hdd

I'm having issues keeping the 8400's temp's down (idle low 40's - load high 50's/ low 60's; stock HSF), but that is another subject entirely. I plan to get me a zalmann in the near future.

My question in this thread is about the 4850:

I'm glad I chose the Asus card since it seems to be the only one with a dummy-friendly way to control the fan speed on these cards from hell.

Does it effect the lifespan of the card's fan if I were to keep it running at %100? I don't mind the noise, and I prefer having the GPU running as cool as possible at all times, whether or not I'm pushing it.

But I rather not find myself having to either RMA the card in a year or void the warranty by having to replace the fan on the card in the future becuase I exhausted it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. cjcuevas76 said:
    Does it effect the lifespan of the card's fan if I were to keep it running at %100?

    Yes but not in any meaningful way. By the time the fan fails your 4850 will be far outdated and overdue for upgrading. If you can stand the noise crank it up!
  2. like above post, you will probably upgrade by then.
  3. ^ya, the life span will shorten, but probably wont die before you get your new graphics card. but the noise is BAD.

    you can keep it the way it is, (stock). the card is meant to deal with that kinda of heat (as long as you wont Overclock it).
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