(2) 3870s or 1 4870

i have an ati radeon 3870 im thinking of purchasing one for crossfire but now since i saw the 4870s are released should i purchase another 3870 or sell my 3870 i already have and buy 4870? also at the moment im running 600watt ocz powersupply would i be able to run 2 3870s in crossfire or do i need to go ahead and get another powersupply? im getting ready for far cry 2 that the reason i wanted to get another 3870
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  1. I'd say wait for Far Cry 2 to be released, then worry about getting a new graphics card. By then, you might be able to get two 4870s for the price of one now!
  2. i would totally get the 4870. there are reviews online, but the one i trust is either here on toms or anandtech. here's a link


    they don't have 3870 in CF, but they do have the 3870x2 so that should be a good comparison. there are benches of all the popular games out right now, hope that helps...

    don't worry, im in your boat too, i have a 3870x2 i'm trying to sell to friends or whoever, planning on getting a 4870x2 :)
  3. To put it this way, 4870 beats the 3870X2 in almost all benchmarks. And two 3870s perform slightly worse than a 3870X2.
    So, 4870 all the way.
  4. The 4870 is faster, buying second 3870 is cheaper... The difference is not huge, but in games where the scaling is bad (there are guite a lot of them) single card is allways better choice.
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