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Hi there,

In the next few weeks Im going to be building a new system but have not yet decided on my power supply.

Im going to be running the following components

CPU: q9450
GPU: ati 4870
Mobo: asus p5q deluxe
Case: antec 1200
Ram: some low latency ddr2 800mhz
CPU Cooler: not sure yet
HDD: samsung 1tb spinpoint f1
Optical drive: some cheapy one

Possibly an aftermarket cooler for the GPU

I will probably be doing a little bit of overclocking on the q9450 but from what I read it seems people are getting it to the 3.2 ghz with very little, or no increase to the voltages.

Just wondering what wattage PSU I will require to run all this stuff/

I dont really have any intentions of going Xfire as I would just prefer to buy a newer single slot GPU if/when I need to upgrade.

if theres any other information about the spec you need please let me know :)


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  1. Well if you over clock it does draw a lot more current so a nice 650 would be a good bet and leave you a bit extra.

    This unit is particularly good, but if you prefer another, bfg is okay, or silverstone, thermaltake...just no 650 watts for 50 bucks, you're gonna hafta spend a hundred bucks for a decent 650.
  2. Quote:
    Well if you over clock it does draw a lot more current so a nice 650 would be a good bet and leave you a bit extra.

    Am i right in thinking that its not really the overclocking that increases the power usage but increasing the volatages that draws more power?

    So 650 will be enough?

    Any particular brands youd recommend?


  3. Overclocking tends to cause the components supply ing power to draw more current (amps) even without raising the voltage. That is why things get hotter...

    Here is an article to help explain the power curve (increase).

    Well, everyone likes corsair, even if they have a favorite other brand, they can supply full power and take a lot of abuse and have good quality components.

    OCZ or power pc & cooling are all excellent.

    If you want to know more or ask power supply freaks...go here - ask oklahoma wolf or jonny guru, they review power supplies all day.

    Just tell them "doh" said hi.

    let us know what you get :) as far as your system :)
  4. oh corsair ram is awesome as well as mushkin, but don't be fooled in to the super uber hyperclock platinum stuff, you can get that, but any good ram will overclock quite well. check the manual on your motherboard because some set the default ram voltage to 1.8v and some of the premium ram needs 2 to 2.2 to even boot.

    I like 1.8v ram because it's bootable in almost any board, but not quite as tolerant of crazy high voltages as the stuff that starts at 2 volts.
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