In article about business drives why no Hitichi Ultrastar?

Why does Tom Use Hitachi's consumer line, Deskstar series in comparison for business drives vs. their business class Ultrastar line? They have a 2TB, 7200 Ultrastar out and, until recently a 1TB Ultrastar with superior specs to their desktop line; They have a new 1TB Ultrastar in the lineup just not yet available....but you could have included their 2TB Ultrastar as you included other manufacturers 2TB drives.

Doesn't seem like you are comparing apples to apples.

Also, doesn't Fujitsu have any 1-2TB SATA drives (I don't know) for the lineup? Where are the Enterprise class drives in this comparison?
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    Well you should probably direct your first question in the comments section of the article you're talking about. For your second question, I'm not really sure. AFAIK, Tom's Hardware only compares items they receive from manufacturers.
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