Vaio PC hard drive recognition problem

bought Sony Vaio PC running Windows XP...Has WD 3200AAJB (320 gig) hard drive....only recognizes a 7.79 gig size AND same hdd shows up as both drives C: and D: on my computer...under D: shows total size of 54.8 MB ...can I reformat with out losing everything?
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  1. Format what? The D partition with only 55MB space? If its not used, sure. But sometimes these partitions are used for recovery purposes.

    Since you bought a new pc with this condition, i do advise you to go back to the store/place you bought it and discuss it.

    However, in any case you should be able to see the majority of the space of the harddrive, if that's hidden to you that's probably an unintended issue.
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