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I would like to buy a budget graphics card, and I have decided to go for the 8600. There are two versions available to me: One version with 256 MB GDDR3, and another with 512 MB GDDR2. Both versions are of the same price. Which card will give me better gaming performance? I know none of them will give me peak performance, but still, which one is better? Are there games that utilize more than 256 MB (Except for the really big ones like Crysis)?

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  1. Larger memory comes in handy with bigger resolutions (takes more memory to load a frame at 1600x1200 than 1024x768).

    Unfotunately I have no idea or interest in current PC tech, so I don't know what the 8600 is capable of.

    Also of interest is the DDR rating. One at DDR2 and one at DDR3. So, if I assume that the 8600 isn't the most stellar of cards and that you won't in any case be playing at huge res with added effects then I'd say go for DDR3 256mb. DDR3 will be a bit faster than DDR2 so the questions is: at what resolution do you play games at?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    Definitely go for 8600 GT 256MB GDDR3 because GDDR3 is better thant GDDR2, however yes many games benefit from 512MB RAM like GRAW,GRAW2,OBLIVION,CRYSIS........
    If u want to game then don't get a 8600GT,get a better card like a
    9600GSO/ATI HD 4850
  3. If your budget is tight, get a HD3850, its cheap and kills a 8600gts. Get a HD3850 512MB though
  4. Hi and thanks for all the answers!

    Blackwidow_rsa: If the HD3850 has 512MB, is it GDDR3?

  5. Yes HD 3850 is GDDR3
  6. I just checked the prices... the HD 3850 is too high for me... What do you think of the 3650 compared with the 8600?
  7. They are basically the same and perform near each other
    Take a look @ 8800GS and 9600GSO too because they both are alot better than 8600 and HD 3650
  8. ^+1 for 8800GS. There is one for $80(after MIR) @ newegg.

    EVGA 384-P3-N851-AR GeForce 8800 GS 384MB 192-bit GDDR3 PCIe x16 2.0
    $110(-$30 MIR)= $80
  9. Wow,its a great deal:) it blows away a 8600GT and HD 3650 and costs lower than $100
  10. My advice will be 8800 GTS(512)
    It is amazing, running cool, and OC very well
  11. I don't think he can't afford it because he says he can't get the HD 3850
  12. I will just re-affirm what others have said.

    #1 - Don't get a card with DDR2 memory regardless of the amount.
    #2 - Their is no need for more than 256MB on the 8600GT. It's not powerful enough to handle the resolutions that would require more ram.
    #3 - The 8800GS is an excellent option for a little more money than the 8600GT is you can swing it.
  13. I jumped on an evga 8800GS / 2GB kit of Crucial Ballistix PC6400 combo deal , came out to $70 shipped after 2 rebates. That was a deal!

    expired, but Check out the details:

    The GDDR3 8600GT was $40 shipped with the same 2GB crucial ram after 2 rebates.

    Anyway, agree avoid the GDDR2 8600GT. Get GDDR3 at least or an 8800GS which offers twice the performance.
  14. Wow, 8800GS+2GB RAM only for 70$
    thats a very good deal
  15. Thanks for all the replies! You helped me a lot. I will decide in the next few days.
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