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Im new on here so forgive if Im doing it wrong...I built a new system this weekend. It's only my second time but all went well except I can't find Lan ethernet drivers that will work with ga-x48-ds4 mb. I first used the ones that came with it then went to gigabyte and downloaded there new realtek drivers and they didn't work. Vista shows the drivers in problems and solutions as a failed driver. Both of the ones I have tryed. I read a few reviews of this board and they mention the drivers don't work for lan but I can't find them. This is a completely new build so im not sure if something im using is causing this problem.. system is q9450 crucial 804 ram and 2 V 300 gig raptors in a raid 0. I think the ram could be an issue because its supposed to be set at 2.2 volts but re boots if i don't set it to stock. I don't overclock. If anyone knows where to get drivers that will work for lan please reply and give give details as your helping a 51 year old new born...Thanks
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  1. Just a dumb question, are the LAN ports turned on in the BIOS?
  2. yes, lan 1 and 2 are enabled but there is also 2 lan ports for lan rom boot. not sure what that means but the default is disable.. I tryed turning one on but it didn't change things. I wondering if im burning the drivers from gigabyte correctly on my wifes laptop xp. Also noticed that control panel and welcome center leaves the pc after ethernet drivers are loaded. Thought it was a bad install so re did it 3 times. still no internet. I just went and purchased 2 2 gig ocz ram sticks because I thought the ram could be causing me problems. no difference
  3. The driver you're looking for is the realtek RTL8168C 8111C, I'm on my way out or I'd give you a direct link. Realtek's site is horrible to navigate but google should come up with something.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: Actually I think this is it
  4. Thank you so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the guy that is waiting on this board. Download these lan drivers just in case you go thru what I did.
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