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Hi All

I have a HP Pavilion M9060 IN desktop computer which came with a 300 watt PSU. I had installed XFX 8600 GT 256 DDR3 which worked fine with 300 watt PSU. Now i wanted to upgrade my graphic card and bought XFX 8800 GT 512 DDR3 as i had read in reviews that it is good and has a big fan to cool the graphic card. My 8600GT was running at a temperature of 56C. Now the 8800 GT runs at the same temp without load and goes upto 65C under load.

As i am using a HP desktop computer there is not provision to add an extra fan. Also, i changed the PSU to Zebronics Platinum 600 Watt SLI ready. The PSU cables are sleeved cables. The CPU area is clear but the graphic card area is a bit messy as the HP cabinet is not a full tower. Is there a way to reduce the graphic temp???????

I have a spare cabinet so i can change the cabinet. But the problem is that the warranty of my HP computer in that case will be void.

Eagerly expecting a solution to the problem stated.

Thanks in advance

Girish :)

P.S I am from India.
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  1. 65C at load really isn't bad. GPU's are designed to withstand over 90C usually. As a comparison the new 4800 line of Radeons can get over 95C during load. The cooling for them isn't working right (fan speed is too low) but the cards can survive these temperatures, they're built to.

    Better airflow would probably help, so why not put it in the other case? If you ever need to use the warranty you could always just stick the parts back in the original case before you send it off to be repaired. Assuming the other case is larger anyway, otherwise there's no point in moving everything.
  2. Thanks for replying copasetic. :)

    I have a Zebronics Bijli cabinet which is a full tower ATX. I had previously installed Asus M2N32SLI deluxe MB with AMD X2 5200. The CPU temps were above 60 while idling. The Zebronics cabinet is bigger than the HP Pavilion cabinet.

    I also have another option that is to buy XFX 630i 7150 MB which is within my budget. The only problem is that my Zebronics cabinet is ATX and the XFX MB is micro ATX. Will i be able to install the micro ATX MB in the ATX cabinet. I know that the only difference between ATX and Micro ATX is the PSU. Could you please advise whats the PSU difference as i would be using the 600 watt PSU if i buy that motherboard.

    Is it worth buying the XFX motherboard mentioned above? I couldnt see any exceptional graphic performance with XFX 8800 GT 512 DDR3 Alpha Dog Edition as compared to XFX 8600 GT 256 DDR3.I dont know why.
  3. Can you post all your system specs, like memory and processor and so on?

    The micro ATX board will fit in a normal case, and it should also use the same power connectors as a normal ATX board. The only difference between micro ATX and normal ATX is the size of the board. I would stay away from the micro ATX board if you can though, smaller board means less room for cooling and such. If you can afford a normal ATX board I'd go for that instead.

    But the motherboard shouldn't have that much impact on performance, I'm thinking it's probably something else bottlenecking the card (like the CPU probably).

    Older AMD CPU's put out a lot of heat, so 60C temps on idle aren't that surprising. Especially with the stock cooler. There's not much you can do except buy an after market cooler and some good thermal paste. But as long as the temperature doesn't get above 75C during load I don't think you should worry too much.
  4. Hi Copasetic. Thanks once again for replying. My budget is limited so i found the XFX 630i 7150 MB within it. If you can suggest something else within the same budget, i will check it at hardware stores.

    My HP Pavilion specs are as follows :-

    C2D 2.2 Ghz
    Hynix 2 GB 800 RAM
    XFX 8800 GT 512 MB DDR3 Alpha Dog Edition
    Asus motherboard - HP made changes the motherboard
    320 GB Samsung Sata II HDD
    Hitachi DVD writer

    The detailed specs of the MB are available if you follow this link:-


    I will try changing the case. Would you have any idea how good is Zebronics Bijli cabinet?

    Here is the snap of my XFX card with temp:-

  5. Honestly those temperatures are perfectly fine. My old and recently deceased 8800 GT idled about 42c and was about 62c on load. My 7600 GT idles at around 48c and hits 78c at load and it has been running since the actual release date of the 7600 GT, that means 3 years+. Don't even worry about it.
  6. Yeah there's nothing to worry about. Cases aren't really good or bad, they're just metal boxes. If the Zebronics case is bigger it'll help with airflow, and that's all you need I think. Just put everything you have now into the bigger case, add a fan in front of the hard drives and it should be fine.
  7. I will continue to use my HP case if the temps are fine. In case it goes above 90C under load, then i will change the case. Thank you for helping me out. :)
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