Windows cannot detect a plug and play

hi ,

I am trying to install printers on 2 laptops :

1. HP with Windows vista 64 bit
2. Dell Inspiron 8600 with XP professional

Printers :

1. HP LaserJet 6MP
2. HP LaserJet 4050

In both cases , Windows cannot detect the printers. When I install on my own (dont know a better way of putting it) it does not print at all !!

I have been fighting with this for the past couple of weeks looking at all web resources. Some one please help !!

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  1. check if the parallel port is set to Bi-directional in the BIOS (not SPP)
  2. Thanks for the response, but it did not help. I tried all permutations .
    I forgot to mention that I am using a USB-IEEE1284 cable . But Windows cannot detect this !
    I have tested it with two cables, it did not work so far .Whew !
    It did work earlier, wonder if any of the Windows updates caused this ?

    Thanks for listening , appreciate your help.
  3. Thanks guys ! I got tired and got a new cable and worked fine .
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