Xp professional install wont go past restart

this computer is going to be the death of me.
Im trying to format an old pc of mine for use as a spare/for a friend/whatever....here's as far as I have got...

Its an Asus K8VX motherboard and I have a sata harddrive Im trying to use with Windows Professional SP3.
I get into the Windows Setup, F6 to install the drivers for the sata just fine, let windows install its preliminary files,delete the existing partition and recreate it brand new. It formats ntfs, tells me the system needs to restart and then when it does parks me right back at the beginning of the install asking for F6 again.

Ive also installed Ubuntu, when I was running LiveCD i could do whatever I want to the harddrive (make files,etc) I could even see the partial windows installation on it! But as soon as I tried to boot to ubuntu without cd in....I get no where.

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  1. is the MOBO able to be setup in the BIOS to boot of a USB device?
  2. I havent seen any usb options in my travels through the bios yet :\ Ill look again though
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